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Even with grant funding, resources are extremely limited. The Wetland Partnership project will focus on prioritizing wetlands for protection and restoration based on the significance of the functions they serve or did serve. With this information, areas will be identified to proactively promote the protection and restoration of wetlands by landowners and local governments. The project will also help state, tribal and local governments develop and implement effective, comprehensive programs for wetland protection and management.

The long-term goal is to improve water quality and wildlife habitat by developing tools to target wetland protection and restoration efforts in the St. Joseph River Watershed.

As part of this project, a Landscape Level Wetland Functional Assessment (LLWFA) will be completed for the entire St. Joseph River Watershed. The LLWFA will evaluate every existing and historical wetland in the watershed for several water quality and habitat related functions. The LLWFA includes an in-depth analysis of wetland trends and is intended to serve as a tool for agencies and organizations to prioritize wetland preservation and/or restoration activities. This analysis is much more than a basic report on wetland loss, but considers the loss of wetland functions as well.

Key Benefits of the LLWFA

  • Target water quality related wetland protection and restoration activities within watershed management plans.

  • Identify wetlands which serve important habitat related functions.

  • Develop and implement comprehensive programs for wetland protection and management.

  • Educate decision-makers and landowners about wetland functions, their importance for quality of life, and their value to the local economy.

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